IGEOS seminars 2020-2021

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March 19th 2021 - "Dynamics of magma ascent during lava dome eruptions: effusive-explosive activity" By Paul Wallace (G-Time, ULB)

February 19th 2021 - "Xenolith tracers of European geological history" By Max Thiemens (G-Time, ULB)

January 22th 2021 - "The Danakil depression (Ethiopia): Here, not the wild animals but the exceptional geology is the predator that kills” By Hugo Moors (Geo-microbiologist at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre)

December 18th 2020 - "Tracking hydrocarbon; from seep carbonates down to petroleum systems” By Dr. Jean-Philippe Blouet (BGEOSYS, ULB)

December 11th 2020 - "Meteorites from Antarctica: Insights from the BELARE 2019-2020 meteorite recovery expedition on the Nansen Ice Field, East Antarctica" By Dr. Hamed Pourkhorsandi (G-Time, ULB)

November 27th 2020 - "Towards an Antarctic meteorite hotspot map" By Ph.D. student Veronica Tollenaar (Glaciology, ULB)

November 6th 2020 - "Hydrology and runoff routing of glacierized basin" By Dr. Ankit Pramanik (Glaciology, ULB)

October 30th 2020 - "Modelling subglacial geochemical processes" By Dr. Nick Hayes (BGEOSYS, ULB)