IGEOS seminars 2021-2022

Friday, April 22th – 12:15 to 13:00 - room DC4.106 or by Teams

“Understanding the processes involved in iron isotopes fractionation between silicates minerals and melts during magmatic differentiation”

By Dr. Ségolène Rabin, postdoctoral researcher, G-Time


February 25th 2022 - "The end of the atmospheric xenon Archean’s evolution: a study of the Great Oxygenation Event period" By Lisa Ardoin (PhD student, Glaciology group - ULB)

January 24th 2022 - "Emergent biogeochemical risks from Arctic permafrost degradation" By Dr. Kimberly R. Miner (Climate Scientist at NASA and Professor at University of Maine)

November 26th 2021 - "DIY (Do It Yourself): Science Communication" By Monica Vara Pérez (Science Communication Responsible in CEBE)

October 22th 2021 - "Challenges in integrating different knowledge systems through participation in water governance" By Tesfaye Temtime (PhD in Geophysics, Bristol University)

September 17th 2021 - "Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Surface deformation in the Active Continental Rift: The Main Ethiopian Rift" By Maria Mancilla Garcia (SONYA, IGEAT, ULB)